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Have you ever wondered
How learning a new language could be made much easier?

spanish lessons online
Spanish lessons online
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Spanish Classes Online

I'm Luz Ángela.
Spanish Lessons Online 
Founder of Light Spanish - where people from all over the world have achieved fluency and confidence speaking Spanish thanks to our specialised learning system.

Did you know, ​psychologists have identified 8 different ways people learn?

If you use your learning style, you can maximise your results.

Take our quick quiz here to find out yours:

It's easy to believe you need "a special talent to learn languages".

But there is no such thing.


When you know how your brain learns best, what your superpower is and how to use it to your advantage, everything is much easier. 

That's the secrete of bilinguals and polyglots. Consciously or unconsciously they have discovered how their brain learns best by trial and error of different strategies.

At Light Spanish we help you to quickly discover your brain's superpowers to get you on the best path for you.

¿Do I have a superpower?


According to Harvard Psychologist Howard Gardner, it wouldn't be accurate to assert that Albert Einstein is more intelligent than Lady Gaga (yes, Albert, my dear, I couldn't believe it either at first!).


In the same way, in our case, it would be a mistake to say that:


  • There are some people with a gift for learning languages.


  • Only children can learn and master a language.


  • The only way to master Spanish is by spending a year in Buenos Aires or Barcelona to "absorb" the language.


The trick is to discover what is your superpower (or learning style).


When you know it and use it, your brain will absorb, and understand information more efficiently.


Clearly, Einstein knew his superpower,


and luckily we've never had to see him singing in a bar!


Until now!

spanish classes online albert einstein playing guitar

Einstein's unpublished photo singing in a bar

If, like Einstein, you want to recognise your strengths and use them to your advantage: 

After discovering your superpower, I will share with you some tips to use it to master Spanish. 

If you decide it's not your thing, you can unsubscribe anytime.

See you there!

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