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[INTERVIEW] A Journey to Fluency: Angela Blanco on Language Learning and Creativity

Chatting with Oli Anderson, the host and creator of Creative Status Podcasts, was such a great experience. Oli has learned Japanese in the past, so we were able to talk about all kinds of useful topics, such as how to learn languages, building confidence, being humble, and tapping into your creative side. It's a great episode worth listening to if you're wondering about the best way to learn Spanish.

You have a superpower to learn Spanish.

We discussed how understanding and utilizing your "superpower" - the things you're really good at that have become your strengths - can be key to unlocking your full potential when learning a new language. We also talked about the damaging effect that our education system can have on our perception of talent and intelligence, and how this outdated system often promotes the belief that some people are "naturally" good at certain things while others are not.

Are children really better at learning languages?

if you've known me for a while, maybe you have some clue about what we talked about. However, during the episode we got into a very interesting discussion about the relationship between ego, creativity, and self-confidence. We went deep on this topic and talked about the real difference between children and adults lies in the fact that children are not afraid to make mistakes or sound silly. It was definitely a great discussion around our ego and how it can sometimes hold us back during when we're trying to learn a new language.

How to learn a language more efficiently?

Between some jokes and personal experiences, we had the chance to share with the listeners, in a nutshell, what you need to know before approaching a learning process and what to be aware of to make the most of it. We highlighted the importance of letting go of our fear of making mistakes and embracing a more playful, experimental approach to language learning.

Overall, I consider this episode to be an insightful exploration of the many factors that influence our ability to learn languages. Whether you're a pro at speaking multiple languages or just starting out, there's something to be gained from this conversation about language learning, creativity, and authenticity. To listen to the full episode, click on the player above or head over to Creative Status on Spotify here and on apple podcast here.

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