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At Light Spanish School, we help you to master Spanish once and for all.


With Light Spanish, you'll gain the confidence to start speaking from day one. Unlike those places where you only get Spanish lessons.

There are strategies to acquire a language that will be better for you than others. The assessment allows us to identify them and include them in your personalized plan.


Every student has a learning plan that also fits their goals, schedule, and budget.

Our Spanish sessions are designed to be a fun and interactive online experience.


With the help of a personal learning coach, we can cater to all levels of speakers (from beginners to advanced levels) and help you reach your target level.

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We understand how valuable it is to you to reach your objectives, so our teachers will be more than happy to work with you on a one-to-one basis!

Whether it's getting a jump start on your studies, feeling more confident speaking with your partner's family, or learning a new language for a particular job, we are here to help you make it happen!


Our tutors are qualified, experienced, native speakers who create a safe practice atmosphere. They will make sure you improve your Spanish skills in lively conversations.


Our Spanish teachers have travelled the world teaching. They know well how to connect with learners from different levels and cultures.


They are friendly, patient, and passionate about teaching.


Luz Ángela Velandia


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Miguel Castillo

Professional Spanish Tutor

Daniel Spanish Professional Tutor.JPG

Daniel Díaz Henao

Professional Spanish Tutor

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Marcela Sejín

Professional Spanish Tutor

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